• Be My Cat: A Film for Anne is Adrian Țofei‘s first film and Romania’s first found footage horror movie. The main character played by Adrian Țofei (who’s also named Adrian) is also shooting found footage scenes to send to Anne Hathaway to convince her to star in his first film.
  • The movie’s director, producer, writer and lead actor, Adrian Țofei, moved a year in advance before shooting to his hometown Rădăuți with his mother Dorina Țofei and began to experience some of the circumstances that surround his character’s life. The guy played by Adrian Tofei in the movie (who’s also named Adrian) lives with his mother in a small Romanian town, raises money through an Indiegogo campaign, makes an online casting call and selects the actresses by their pictures and videos, then rents a pension and waits for the actresses to come. In order to maintain the psychological realism, Adrian Țofei also raised a part of the production budget through Indiegogo campaigns, selected the real actresses (who played the actresses in the movie) only by the pictures and videos they sent, rented a pension and met the actresses for the first time at the filming location. 
  • Director Adrian Țofei told actress Sonia Teodoriu to respect the indications that his character in the movie was going to give to her character during improvisations. So, when he asked her to reject him, she unexpectedly called the police for real while playing her role in one of the scenes. One of the policemen who came understood and said that “the constructive emotions in her role became so intense that she genuinely felt the need to make the call“. The moments were caught on camera and some of them are in the movie.
  • All the movie’s credited cast members are professional actors. Adrian Țofei studied Ion Cojar‘s acting method.
  • One of the reasons why Adrian Țofei chose to make a horror movie was his theory that horror films put a mirror in front of the audiences, a mirror in which they see reflected their darkest and most violent subconscious impulses, and so they become aware of them and get to control them in real life. He thinks this is the reason why horror fans are nonviolent persons, with a high level of consciousness.
  • This may be the first movie ever to be directed by one of its characters. Actor and director Adrian Țofei planned in detail all the circumstances of his character’s life, the way he lives, his psychology, his main goal in life, he assumed them, he experienced them over the course of one year and then he fully plunged into his role during filming and directed the majority of the scenes while in character.
  • There were no crew members during filming. Looking for authentic acting performances, director and star Adrian Țofei decided to shoot the movie alone with the actresses in order to create similar circumstances to those surrounding their characters in the movie. This also fit perfectly with the budgetary constraints.
  • The character played by Adrian Țofei in the movie was developed by Adrian over the course of 5 years. It started as a 15 min monologue in a theatre-dance show in college, then Adrian transformed it into a full length 50 min one-man-show called The Monster, and then the character in The Monster ultimately ended up being adapted for the movie.
  • Actor/filmmaker Adrian Țofei plays in the movie a guy who pretends to be actor and filmmaker.
  • Adrian Țofei shot the movie in chronological order over a 20 days period, during which he lived in character for most of the time.
  • The film starts with the onscreen text “This film has been edited from the 25 hours of footage found by police at the ‘Be My Cat’ crime scene in Rădăuți, Romania on May 20, 2014“. Adrian Țofei actually shot 25 hours of footage and finished shooting on May 20, 2014.
  • Most of the scenes in the movie are first takes. Adrian Țofei did multiple takes in the beginning, but then he realized that the first ones are always the most natural ones and decided to include only first takes in the final cut.
  • The laptop that Adrian Țofei holds in the scene with Florentina Hariton is the same one that he later used to edit the movie.
  • Although it’s a Romanian movie, the spoken language is English because the main character deliberately uses English and forces the other characters to use English in order to achieve his goal towards Anne Hathaway.
  • Adrian Țofei became inspired to make the movie after the success of his one-man-show The Monster in 2012, also about a guy obsessed with an actress. The film was initially supposed to be an adaptation of The Monster, but as the project evolved, it became an original story and Adrian kept only some elements in his character’s psychology.
  • Adrian Țofei chose Anne Hathaway to be the object of his character’s obsession in the movie when he started to work on the concept and title in 2012. It had to be a real actress that has something to do with cats, since his character in the movie was inspired by another character that Adrian played in his one-man-show The Monster, who was obsessed with a real Romanian actress and had some issues with cats. And it had to be an actress the Adrian genuinely admires as well, since he was going to play the guy who’s obsessed with her in the movie, and also a worldwide known celebrity so that everyone could empathize with the film’s story.
  • Adrian Țofei worked exactly four years on the movie from the moment he came up with the title on December 6th, 2012, to the moment of release on December 5th, 2016. He moved from Bucharest to his hometown Rădăuți, didn’t socialize and stayed at home all the time the first two years in order to live in character on one hand, and save money and concentrate only on the project on the other hand, working for hours each day and night to learn and apply at the same time all the aspects of filmmaking and film production.

1. The real relation between him as film director and them as actresses. This relation is not seen onscreen.
2. The fictional relation between the so-called film director played by Adrian in the movie (who’s also named Adrian) and the fictional actresses played by the real actresses. This relation is seen through the camera of that so-called film director.
3. The second fictional relation between a guy played by the so-called film director mentioned above and a fictional actress played by the fictional actresses mentioned above. This relation is seen through that guy’s camera, which is also the so-called director’s camera and also Adrian Țofei’s camera.

It was great when confusion emerged between the two fictional relations during improvisations, since this is one of the movie’s themes, but in order to clearly differentiate the real relation from the first fictional ones, Adrian Țofei used a language switch during filming: Romanian meant out of character for everybody and English meant going back in character.

  • [SPOILER] One of the movie’s executive producers, John Lepper, watched online some of the footage during filming. The kidnapping scene looked so real that he contacted the actress Sonia Teodoriu to see if she’s OK, if she wasn’t genuinely abducted.